Service Extras

Please note the cost of these extras are added to the total cost of your cleaning service.


Oven Clean

A thorough clean of all oven racks and trays, the inside and outside of the entire oven and oven door using non-caustic/non-harmful cleaning products.


Please note that we are not professional oven cleaners and due to the age and condition of the oven, not all baked on particles may be removed, and may require further treatment from an oven-specific cleaning service.

Fridge Clean

A thorough clean of the inside and outside of your fridge. We remove all contents and thoroughly clean the entire inside and outside including all shelves, drawers and compartments. We place everything back inside once cleaning is done.  Please note that we do not clean freezers as they generally need to be defrosted in advance before cleaning.

Disinfectant Service

We are certainly living in unprecedented times. One way that you can help stop the spread of germs and viruses is to thoroughly disinfect your home. This service is an upgrade you can add to your normal clean using hospital-grade disinfectant containing commercial grade quaternary ammonium compound (TGA approved by the Dept. of Health).
This includes the disinfecting of high contact areas such as door handles, light switches, remotes, home/office phone, kitchen appliances, taps, etc.

If you would like to receive our disinfecting service, please ensure all areas that are to be disinfected are clean and tidy, and all surfaces are clean of all dirt, grime, and other objects.